Water lifting

Design and construction of irrigation pumps in Brescia

TP series mobile impeller pump with hydraulic lift and rotation system

The Pennacchio TP series mobile pumps are mainly used for direct irrigation of crops and for the fertilization of soils. For their operation they are connected to the hydraulic lift and operated via the tractor power socket. Practical and easily transportable, they guarantee great flexibility in use and high pumping performance even in case of low water head. The delivery pipe operated conveniently by a hydraulic motor can be easily oriented according to the type of need, as well as for the inclination of the pipe by means of a hydraulic piston.

pompe mobili per il sollevamento acque a girante
pompe mobili per il sollevamento acque

Pennacchio Pompe offers a wide range of mobile pumps for water lifting with an impeller and thanks to the experience it has gained since 1980, it can offer excellent solutions at competitive costs.

TP series mobile impeller pump with hydraulic lift and manual rotation system

pompe mobili per irrigazione

The horizontally manually configurable delivery pipe with hydraulic lifting offers a quick and easy ability to adapt to the type of need.

Telescopic TP series mobile pumps with hydraulic pipe extension of about 2.00 m.

Designed to carry out work where a greater pipe extension is required (fully hot-dip galvanised). A type of pump that is adaptable to any type of need. In addition to being painted, the galvanised version can be requested.

Pompe a sollevamento a trattore  – Pompe per le alluvioni 


Mobile impeller pump with cardan shaft operation (PTO)


Manutenzione e lubrificazione trasmissione mediante ingrassaggio cuscinetti e doppio giunto cardanico

Applicable configurations:
– plumbing
– system with manual rotation and hydraulic lift
– manual system
– telescopic system

Possibility of oil bath transmission installation on a square frame
Epoxy primer coating mechanically resistant to atmospheric agents
Hot-dip galvanising on request increased corrosion resistance of surfaces
Application of new type water breakers on delivery pipe
Reinforced frame and double hydraulic piston for heavier models
Possibility to apply ball joints to the delivery pipe for extra extensions and/or PVC pipes (supplied by us)
Vacuum valve for air flow regulation for pipes.

Field tests for mobile pump telescopic TP series

35/4 Telescopic mobile pump TP series

pompe mobili serie TP