Design and construction of water pumps, stirrers and mixers for livestock

produzione pompe sollevamento acque e agitatori
realizzazione pompe sollevamento acque e agitatori

Currently our building occupies a surface of about 3000 m2 and is organized so as to optimise the fast and precise production according to the customer’s needs.

The workshop is split up into three main areas: a shed used exclusively for the storage of raw materials (processed products, sheet metal packages, pipes, etc.). Then there is the second area, occupying the central part of our building, which is mainly used for cutting the pipes and constructing the pump rubber holder. Other minor machining operations are also carried out in this area, such as milling and cutting the shaft, which will then be part of the transmission, when completed.

The last area is the shed where the frame is constructed; the pipe from the second assembly area will be positioned on said frame and welded accordingly